Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Julie G Sugar Rush and Hot Cinnamon

Hello again.
I have 2 Julie G Gumdrop textured polishes to show you.
The orange, Sugar Rush, and the red, Hot Cinnamon.
I wanted a quick manicure and this was my result.
I simply painted each side with 2 coats with each color.
They dry so quickly and don't need top coat.
The colors are similar, so at first glance it looks like the same color.
Of the two, I prefer Sugar Rush.
The color pleases me more, that is the only reason.
Both have a shimmer to them. 
You can see that in the close up shot of the bottles below.
Thanks for stopping by!

The below picture is with my camera phone with indirect sunlight.
You can see the colors better in this photo.
Here is my look of the day.
 I just wore black eyeliner and mascara with a cheap lipstick that came from a
holiday gift pack from Wal-mart.
I really like the colors.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it! Thanks for posting this. I always wonder what they look like on "un-photoshopped" pictures. These are gorgeous!