Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Glitter Gal Dark Purple 3D Holo and Fairy

Hey again!
Here is a girly girl manicure for you to see.
The sun finally came out,
 so I wanted to try some holos that I haven't worn.
Glitter Gal Dark Purple 3D Holo with Color Club Miss Bliss.

3 coats were needed for Dark Purple 3D Holo 
and 2 coats for Miss Bliss.
I love both.
The formula on them is different.
Dark Purple 3D Holo is more like a jelly holo with scattered holographic effect.
Miss Bliss is like a metallic holo with a strong linear effect. 

Both hold a place in my heart :)

I added a nail decal that I had custom made over Miss Bliss.

You can purchase Glitter Gal at...

The color club holos can be purchased at...

Above you can see the image better of the cute fairy.

Isn't this a pretty color?
Its a unique red toned purple, like a magenta eggplant purple.
It deserves to be in any holographic lover's collection.

Thanks for stopping by!

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