Friday, May 10, 2013

Purple Mani with Glitter and Butterflies

Catrice Dirty Berry (Pinkie, Ring & Thumb)
Maybelline Lavender Sparks (Middle)
Color Club Eternal Beauty (Index)
Glitter accents with Mardi Gras multi color

Hey! I received Catrice Dirty Berry as a birthday gift.
I wore it the same day.
I believe the below picture is 2 coats.
Dirty Berry is a blue tinted dingy lavender with hints of holo...I hate to use that word.
But, it is a dirty lavender, lol.
I also purchased a multi colored glitter from Rite Aid I wanted to try.
So, I decided to add some glitter and stickers.
The last picture was what I started with.
The next day I cleaned out the garage and washed my car.
2 nails got chipped. Instead of removing each nail.
I just replaced the pointer and middle finger with the above polishes.
I like the end result the best.
Maybelline Lavender Sparks is an awesome light purple glitter polish.
I highly recommend it. 
It goes on great in 2 coats and doesn't dry grainy. 
So pretty!
 I do not have to tell how awesome Color Club Eternal Beauty is.

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