Monday, May 13, 2013

Ozotic Sugar 902 over Zoya Storm

Hey there!
Here is a quick swatch of Ozotic Sugar 902 over Zoya Storm.
I received both as gifts this past month and wanted to try them out.
As you can see Ozotic Sugar 902 is amazeballs!
The color shift is so pretty!
 From purple to pink to turquoise blue and royal blue, the glass flecks are amazing.
I put 2 coats of each of the polishes and 1 top coat layer.
I did chip my index finger.
 You can see me trying to hide that in the picture, lol.
I believe you can purchase this at...

I hope your mother's day was a good one.
My day was awesome. 
My sweet husband gave me 3 more charms for my pandora bracelet.
The crystal blue, crystal pink, and the hello kitty charm.
I forgot to takes pictures of all of us. Darn it!
Thanks for stopping by!

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