Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Crowd Surfer

Hey! I have some pretty nail strips to show you today.
I have been looking at all the Sally Hansen Salon Effects 
since they were released.
I am just so tight on my wallet, I didn't want to spend $9.99 for 1 box.
It finally dawned on me to search eBay and Amazon for them.
They were on there and for half the price and free shipping!
I LOVE the Avril Lavigne line of salon effects.
This is one of them.
I have a bunch of samples of different brands of nail stickers.
I asked in a nail group on Facebook which brand was the easiest.
Sally Hansen Salon Effects was the only brand everyone said they liked.
So, I decided to try this brand first.
Was it easy? I wouldn't say easy. 
But, it was not hard.
Following the directions exactly makes it simple.
I was able to do both hands with one package (2 packages come in 1 box)
and almost had enough to do all my toes.
I have short nails, so this is a benefit when using these nail strips.
However, they do dry out.
 So, beware when applying these to make sure 
you are being efficient with your time with applying them.
Otherwise, you will end up with dried out nail strips that are of no use.
The sizes of each strip did not perfectly match my nail size.
However, if you just put on a larger one and cover the needed space, 
you can just remove the excess with polish remover.
How long did they last? I kept them on for 4 days.
They could have easily lasted longer,
 but I can't go that long with the same manicure, lol.
I did have some chips on a couple of fingers. 
Removal was easy, just like removing any polish.

I also ordered most of the Halloween collection (my fav holiday)
and some of the winter collection...and some lace print and other prints, lol.
I will post those whenever I get to wearing them.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are super pretty I haven't worked up enough courage to try them yet :)

    1. If you do try any strips, I suggest this brand. They seem to be the easiest and longest lasting.

  2. Salon Effects can be a great product but I find they only last for around 5 days before the tips wear and they start cracking. I personally use mostly omg nail strips. They are easier to apply and tend to last longer.