Monday, July 1, 2013

Pretty Jelly Blue Bird

Quick post about the indie polish Pretty Jelly.
I bought 7 mini bottles of her holographic polishes.
I painted this in the car after we left White Water (water park).
My nails had chipped. 
I was not wanting to walk around with that mess on my nails.
I had these in my purse from when I checked the mail that morning.
These pictures are with 2 coats, no top coat and no base coat.
She has them listed as "Linear Holos".
I don't see that.
I see scattered holos.
The formula was a bit thick, however, I was in the hot sun.
That may have made the formula seem thick.

You can visit her store by

The mini sizes are $4.25 and the full sizes are $12.50.
She also has glitter and multichromatic holos.

Take a look at my pictures and you be the judge.

Below is the best picture I could get to capture the holographic effect.

Look how tiny this mini bottle is! 
The fill line shows how much was left after I did a full manicure.
Because the formula is a bit thick,
 like a metallic holographic polish, 
a little goes a long way.
Which is a good thing :)

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