Thursday, July 11, 2013

Iris Colors Purple Diamond

Iris Colors Purple Diamond

Hey there!
 Here is a beauty supply brand Iris Colors.
I bought this for $1.99.
I also bought another color, Hermaid, I hope to show you soon.
But, back to this beauty.
Iris Colors Purple Diamond is a glass fleck polish that covered in 2 coats.
I absolutely love this polish. 
It went on easily and dried pretty fast.
The result is this pretty lavender with pink and silver tones.
I highly recommend finding this polish if you are on a budget 
and love a good polish.

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  1. Hi, a Google search for Nailtini swatches led me here, and I'm glad to have found your blog--lots of pretty polishes!

    1. I am glad you found me :) Thanks for joining my little blog!

  2. Hi! I like the blog and pictures of the polishes you've tried.
    Where did you buy this color? I saw this exact polish at a nail salon, loved it, but they wouldn't sell it. I've been looking online and can't find it anywhere. They also had an Iris Colors polish called Innocent that I'd like to find. Please help if you can :) Thanks!

  3. I too, found my favorite color at a nail salon but I can't find where to go and buy it. Can someone help??