Monday, July 22, 2013

Milani Lavender

Hello :)

I wanted to wear some untried drug store brands.
Here is the result.
I started with Maybelline Amythest Ablaze, 2 coats.
It is a metallic light purple that seems darker and more silver in the bottle.
You can see a bottle picture below to see what I am talking about.
Because I have peeling on my middle finger, I did not want
to leave it with just this polish.
Metallic polish shows any flaws you may have on your nail.
So, I looked in my drawer for a glitter polish that would match
and had not been worn.
Milani Lavender waved at me and so I chose her, lol.
I put 2 thin coats and then 1 coat of HK Top coat.
Milani Lavender is a clear based polish with small blue toned purple glitter
and medium light purple hexagon glitters.
I think because my base was a in between purple from the
2 purple tone glitters, it was a perfect match to highlight all 3 colors.

I am going on day 3 and not even tip wear has shown.
I am on the computer 12 hours a day...that says a lot about the tip wear.

The result is soooo pretty and sparkly.
I am very pleased with the longevity and plan to recreate this
manicure with other colors with the same brands.

Thanks for stopping by!

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