Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kleancolor Metallic Purple

Here is a metallic polish by Kleancolor.
I received this as a gift from a sweet friend on Facebook.
She also sent me some other Kleancolor metallics in the same package.
Very kind of her and I will def put them to use.

Kleancolor is known for its cheap price ($1) and strong smell.
Personally, I don't even notice the smell.
However, the polishes Kleancolor makes that are not metallic
like the holos and glitters take forever, if ever, to dry on me.
I hate that because their chunky holos and regular holos are very pretty.

Anyway, back to this beauty.
The above picture is with top coat and outside with natural daylight.
That is one coat!
Metallics are awesome at being one coaters.
With top coat, this polish is amazing!
It has a glow-y effect but is still a pretty vamp purple.
Calling all purple lovers!

Below is one coat of Metallic Purple, no top coat.
You can see the silver particles in the polish here.

Then below is with 1 layer of top coat. 
You can see the silver particles disappear once the top coat is added.
I think this is a much better look for this polish.
And now look back at the top picture to see how it is in the sun.

Thanks for stopping by!

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