Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Risque Viuva Negra

Have you ever just closed your eyes and let your hand pick the polish
when you didn't know what to wear?
Well, this is the result of one of those times.
Usually, I will re pick if I'm not in the mood for that color.
But, this time I stuck to my guns.
I was not in the mood for vampy.
Especially since it was supposed to be clear skies sunny the next day.
Here is a Brazilian brand Risque in the color of Viuva  Negra.
Its a black polish with tons of tiny red glitters.
I didn't get good pictures of the red glitters.
The pictures I took just make the polish look black.
I wore 2 coats.
No top coat.

I received this in a swap from a buddy in Brazil as a surprise.

I can see myself reaching for this on a gloomy day though.
I really did like wearing it.

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