Monday, June 17, 2013

Dat 7- Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Day 7- Ain't Nobody Got Time For That
KBShimmer The Square
Hey again!
I wasn't sure what I was going to do for this day.
I didn't really feel like nail art
or really have the patience to attempt something presentable.
But, I knew I wanted to wear this polish.
Its been sitting in my stash for almost a year.
So, I figured I would just wear this until I figured 
out what to do.
I started to paint it on and I was surprised 
by how sheer it is. I knew I should have just 
layered it over a similar color.
But, then it dawned on me. 
Here is my Day 7 polish.
This is 7 coats of The Square.
Ain't nobody got that for 7 coats of polish!
It is pretty and so far is wears nicely.
I did stop between every couple of coats and let it dry
somewhat. After layer 3 and 5 I put HK Fast Dry Top Coat.
Then after the 7th layer I put 2 more layers of top coat
to even out the glitter bumps.
I think this definitely qualifies as a timely manicure.

Thank for stopping by!


  1. Seven coats looks great, but you're right. This definitely qualifies as something ain't nobody got time for. I'm glad you had time cause it looks gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! Its a pretty polish. But, I think would be better layered :)

  2. This definitely fits the time consuming theme! I would have ended up with bumped nails and smears of polish over myself, my computer, the cat... well done!

    1. THanks! It helps that I was doing stuff on the computer, so my nails didn't have a chance to bump stuff. :)