Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dance Legend Optical Illusion

Dance Legend Optical Illusion

This import from Russia has been waiting to be in my collection
since my birthday in April.
I ordered it directly from Dance Legend, but
the package never arrived. So, I ordered
it from Color 4 Nails on facebook 
and received my package in a few days.
I ordered the entire holographic collection.

I did not know which one to start with, since they are all
amazing looking in the bottle.
So, I put them in a bag and drew one out. lol

This is 1 coat!
I added 1 coat of HK Girl top coat.
It has a wonderful formula that went on easily.
I am in love.
The color of Optical Illusion is a deep plum burgundy wine color.
I have shown it below in the shade as well.
I like it in the shade and LOVE it in the sun.

The bottles are pretty cool, too.
The top of the bottle has the number that the polish is.
This polish has a 4 on the top.

These retail for $13 each and can be purchased at

Thanks for stopping by!

Below is the entire collection!
I can't wait to wear them all.


  1. This is just so gorgeous! Only the price kinda stops me from buying them.. yet!

    1. But, if you do the math, 1 coat holos equal double the amount of other bottles that take 2-3 coats. So, its not really that bad. :)