Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hits Pink Night

Hey there!
This is a wonderful polish I received in a swap.
The funny thing is, I didn't want it. 
But, I knew she wanted what I had, so I just figured "what the hey."
Turns out, I think I got the better end of the swap :)
This is Hits Specialita Pink Night from Brazil.
Its a crelly neon sort of polish.
You know?
A creme and a jelly polish mixed with a
 vibrant neon sort of color thing happening.
I believe this is 2 coats, I can't really remember.
I do know that I LOVED wearing it.
I was constantly staring at my hands.
Its like a pink red neon color, a watermelon neon if you will.
The formula went on like butter.
The wear time was good.
I added a butterfly nail sticker just because. lol
This polish is from the 2013 Hits Bright Kit Collection.
You can purchase the set of 3 at NinjaPolish for $15.50
There are 3 different colors. (Pink Night, Hot Friday, Party Rock)
Here is a review of the entire collection. CLICK.
I also received the bright neon green in this collection, called Party Rock.
Which I am excited to try as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

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