Monday, June 24, 2013

Island Girl Neons

Hey! I hope your weekend was good.
Mine went by pretty darn quick, as usual. :)
We saw Monster's University with the kids.
Very cute enjoyable movie.

I have some mini bottles of Island Girl neons to show you.
 I received this as a gift from a sweet Facebook friend from Colorado.
She bought these for me while she was on a vacation trip to Las Vegas.

Super sweet of her!
Island Girl polishes are only available in Las Vegas and Hawaii in stores.
They are also available online at ABCSTORES (click)
I went on my honeymoon back in August 2000 
to the wonderful big island of Hawaii.
I fell in love with the culture of the people and the island itself.
Since then, anything Hawaiian related I have been drawn to.
I named my daughter (who is 8 years old now) Leilani.
Leilani is a Hawaiian name that means heavenly or royal child of heaven.

So, when I saw this brand of polish, I knew I had to try and get some.

None of these mini bottles have a name labeled on them.
The formulas were typical of neons.
I did not put a base coat of white, so this is them all alone.
The blue and pink is 2 coats.
The green, orange and yellow are 3 coats.
I added these cute nail stickers I found at Walmart for $2.
Really good price for great stickers.
Then 1 coat of HK Girl top coat.

Thanks for stopping by!

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