Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 1- All The Things

Hey there!
 I am a day late posting this. 
I thought this started on Monday (today). 
But, I see it started yesterday.
Day 1 is "All the Things" and when I see this 
I always think "Buy ALL THE HOLOS!"
So, I decided to do all holos in a rainbow pattern 
with a decal of the "All the Things" Meme in the center.

Super easy and fast manicure.

I special ordered my nail decals from RLR Creations from facebook. 
She is a sweetheart and always works with me and my odd requests. 

From top to bottom the holos that I used are...
Red-Jade Vermhelo Surreal
Pink- Jade Delirio Rosa
Orange- Color Club Cosmic Fate
Yellow- China Glaze GR8
Green- Nubar Reclaim
Blue- Color Club Over the Moon
Purple- Color Club Eternal Beauty

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The decal came out great. I'm a sucker for holos and rainbows too. Perfect mani!

    1. Thanks, that is sweet of you to say :)