Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Piece of Me

Colors by Llarowe Piece of Me
2 coats no top coat.
Hey there, I figured I would post a dreary color due to my mood.
I posted an almost duplicate color before, Too Fancy Moody Blue.
The difference in the two is Piece of Me requires two coats, 
while Moody Blue only needs one. 
Also, Piece of Me is more on the grey side than the blue 
compared to Moody Blue.
Both are great polishes.
Colors by Llarowe Piece of Me was orginaally a custom polish
but then was released on her site as a charity polish.
People can say what they want about Leah Ann, 
but, from my experience she is a very sweet and giving person.
I love her polishes more knowing how good of a person she is towards 
the less fortunate.


You ever have those days that seem fine and then someone says
something that just triggers you to mope around?
Well, I am having one of those days.
What is weird is I was feeling great, then read something
and got all depressed.
 Got over that then someone called me
all in a bad mood and it passed on to me. 
Now I amin this funky depressed mood again.
 Blah! Oh well.
I always say, 
"Got to have the bad days to appreciate the good days."

I hope you are having a better day and I thank you for stopping by :)

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