Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Too Fancy Lacquer Moody Blue

Too Fancy Lacquer Moody Blue 1 coat
Hello there! 
Here is a wonderful indie polish I ordered from Asia.
This is only 1 coat of polish and no top coat. 
It last a few days before I had bad chipping.
The holographic payoff is good, not in your face, but still considered linear.
I think the name is perfect for this color.
The color is a grayish blue and can be compared 
to Colors by Llarowe Piece of Me.
However, CBL Piece of Me is more on the gray side and requires 2 coats.
I put a picture of the two side by side on the bottom of this post.

Below is with flash.
Below is a quick comparison between the two polishes.
 Left is CBL Piece of Me and Right is Too Fancy's Moody Blue.
 They are not duplicates, but close enough where I don't think you need both, unless this type of color is your favorite.
It is hard to see in the photo the difference,
 but trust me its noticeable in person.
Thanks for stopping by!

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