Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Blue Hawaiian

Liquid Sky Lacquer Blue Hawaiian

2 coats and top coat.
This is a thermal holographic polish that is teal green when it is cool
 and lime green when it is warm. 
The above picture was when I was leaving work. 
And my work was COLD.
So, my fingers were cold and the tips warmed up first.
That is why the reverse color combo in that picture. 
My nails are not long enough to do a cool gradient 
as most of the swatch pictures I am sure you have seen. 
However, I was constantly looking at them 
when I would wash my hands or in the shower, lol.
The holographic pay off is not strong, but it is a nice add on.
 The effect is scattered and you can see if better in my last photo.
 I actually received this in a swap and maybe one day 
I will do it justice and grow my nails out.
Thanks for stopping by!

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