Monday, March 25, 2013

Texture Polishes by OPI and Julie G

Hey, so I am sure you have heard of the new texture polishes.
And you probably have at least one.

Here are 2 brands.
OPI Can't Let Go (purple)
Julie G Crushed Candy (pink)

OPI Can't Let Go has larger bits of glitter in it.
Julie G Crushed Candy is more sparkly.
It reminds me of when a rock cracks open you see the shininess inside.
Well, except these are colors and sparkly, lol.
I wanted to try both and was too lazy to do a gradient.
So, I painted top and bottom the two colors and painted a black
line to make it some what presentable.

Both have just about the same formula.
2 coats that dried pretty quickly.
I would suggest letting the first coat
become almost dry and then adding the second.
It takes about 10 minutes total.
You do not need top coat.
I used a base coat of Duri Rejuvacote.
Removal was easy, not as hard as glitter polishes.
Wear time was good.
I did have tip wear after 2 days on a couple of fingers.

My nails did not snag on my clothes,
nor did the texture bother me at all at any point.

I would recommend using these polishes
when you need to hurry up and get those digits painted!

And below are 2 more Julie G Gumdrop colors.
Julie G Rock Candy (green)
Julie G Blueberry Fizz (blue)
Both are 2 coats.
Same formula as described above.

Thanks for stopping by!