Friday, March 22, 2013

Hits Speciallita Hello Kitty / LOTD

Hey there.
 I received these adorable polishes in my Christmas Swap.
 I was so excited to have them.
The colors are very cute as well as the packaging.
I also love Hello Kitty.
The pictures show 2 coats each,
except for the Mint (green) required 3 coats.
The dry time was good and they wore pretty well.
My only complaint was a couple of the brushes
had some wonky bristles and stuck out.
The first coat had me worried because the formula is kind of thick.
But, after the second I saw everything was going to be OK, lol.

Here is my LOTD.
I tried out Maybelline Age Rewind.
Its supposed to be used as a highlighter
 or to hide the dark spots under the eyes.
It blended pretty well for me.
I bought the medium shade 130.
It was about $11 or so at Rite Aid.

I also used my Sephora Jasmine Palette
 to make a brown smokey eye.
But, you can't really tell because my eyes are open.

My lips are a lipstick I bought at the dollar store :)

Thanks for stopping by!