Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make up Looks and Weight Loss Update

My face is Bella Terra mineral make up.
I really like how it blends with my skin and feels light.
My eyes are Urban Decay are Twice Baked and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.
My blush is Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink.
My lips are Kiko Rosetto Vinyl.
This is a fresh simple look that I enjoy wearing.

As I was a the kiosk for Bella Terra I bought some mineral gold shimmer
eye shadow and gold eye glitter.
I played around with it to make this eye look.
I started with NYX Jumbo eye pencil in white.
Then put the gold shimmer eye shadow and then dabbed
 on the LA splash proof sealer.
While that was still tacky I dabbed on the glitter with a brush.
After that I added liquid eye liner and false lashes.
I was going for a more dramatic look. But, it still turned out pretty.
The LA Splash proof sealer works great at holding the glitter on.
I highly recommend it.
Sorry about the pictures, it was late and the only light was my computer monitor, hehe.

I am still doing great, if not my best with my 
being healthy and working out.
I go to the gym everyday or every other day and I push it hard for an hour.
I mainly do the stair climber and leg work outs that target my
glutes, hamstrings and quads (the leg and booty area)
Results are showing!
I have kept 15 pounds off for more than 2 months.
Now, I am just toning up and making the slim look strong and healthy.
What I eat is the main thing that is working.
I keep my portions small, meaning I only eat until I am
no longer hungry.
Because I have been doing this, I get full much easier and
therefore continue to keep my portions small.
I try to eat foods that are full of nutrients.
I do have 1 cookie or a bite of cupcake every so often.
But, I keep it in check and just a tiny bit.
I don't want to throw away all my hard work in 2 minutes of
consuming a food, ya know?
Also, I am drinking a lot of water all day and night.

My weakness is at night with my stomach is grumbling for a snack.
I don't deny myself, but I chose something low calorie
like the healthy pop corn or celery sticks.
I also wear tight fitting pants to keep me aware 
as to why I am being good.
The tight pants are REALLY helping.

Below is me on Saturday for a neon party.

And here is a close up of my make up
The filter I used on the picture made me look all orange, oops!

I found a $1.99 eye shadow palette at a beauty supply that had
all the neon colors I needed.
So, I used  them and added some false eye lashes and glitter to 
complete my neon look.

Thanks for stopping by!

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