Tuesday, September 10, 2013

31DC2013 -Day 3- Yellow- Sugar Skull

Hey again!
Day 3- Yellow Nails
I put a white base, although I did not need one.
This is Hard Candy Shot of Lemon, 2 Coats.
Shot of Lemon is a Glass Fleck lemon yellow color.
Great formula and fun color.
Then I put 1 dabbed on coat of Hit Polish Toucan 
on all the nails but the middle.
On the middle I put a circle the size of my decal of white polish.
The reason is because the decal does not show up well
without a white background.
When that was good and dry I added a decal I bought
from RLR Creations. Before I was able to take pictures,
the decal started to peel off (after I showered). 
This is partly because I did not put 2 coats of top coat.
So, I layered another decal on top. If you look closely you can tell.
This time I did put 2 coats of top coat over the decal.
Not my favorite manicure, but it'll do :)

I did another look with my beloved 
Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette.
This time I used the browns to create a neutral smokey eye look.
Mad Hatter, Midnight Tea Party, White Rabbit and Wonderland.

My lips are Maybelline Cool Coral.

My cheeks are Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink (my fav blush)

Thanks for stopping by!

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