Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dance Legend Just Another Star

Dance Legend Just Another Star 2 coats
OH MY GOODNESS! This is really real.
This is a chunky scattered holographic polish that covered in 2 coats and 
is super saturated in color.
My favorite holographic collection is or was 
China Glaze Kaleidoscope from 2009.
Dance Legend was able to recreate the glory that China Glaze showed us.
Now, I only have this one polish from the Wow Prism collection
that was just recently released.
I plan on purchasing more, however, the price is a bit high at $13.00 each.
And there are 18 colors in this particular collection.
So, I may just get the ones that really catch my eye and slowly collect the others when I get a chance.
I purchased it from

But, back to this particular polish, number 30, Just Another Star.
The color is gorgeous. 
These photos in the sun make it look a tad bit like fuchsia,
but it is more blue toned in the shade. 
The formula is a bit runny, but manageable with care.
Brushing off the excess polish on both sides before applying helps with the uneven application.
The CG Kaleidoscopes are very runny as well. I wonder if the formula on this type of polish needs the to be thin in order for the large particles to be shown properly. It would makes sense if it were.
Below these pictures I will show a swatch picture another blogger took of all the polishes in this collection.
If you look at Just Another Star, the color is more accurate there.

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  1. That is hot! My favorite color is purple xD