Monday, February 24, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Beat It

Colors by Llarowe Beat it 2 coats, no top coat.
Hey again! Wonderful weather we are having here in Atlanta.
Which to me, equals days at the park and of course HOLO wearing, lol.
So, we go from snow and ice in January and early February 
to mid February it is in the 70s. 
This weather is so whacko. But, it is home.
A lot of changes for me recently.
 I am excited about them.
 I sold my business. I am now a stay home mom.
This is a great thing!
I will work part time to train the new owners on how to run the business and such.
But, my main thing is running my house hold of 6 people and 3 pets. Yay!

Anyways, back to why you clicked this post. The polish needs to be talked about!
 Beat it is from the Colors by Llarowe 
Michael Jackson collection that was released last year, 2013.
The holographic payoff is very obvious in this dark bluish grey beauty.
The formula was a tad bit thick, but evened out by the second coat. 
Stay time was decent for a holo not having any top coat on, which is 2 days, then some tip wear was obvious.
But, if you know me, that is plenty long enough. 
I had an awesome week for nail mail, so more need to be worn asap! haha. 
I also have more on the way...I have a problem or is it? 
I'll post a pic below of some of my wonderful nail mail.

Here is today's nail mail.
I ordered this from
These are all holographic polishes, lol, of course.
Emily de Molly High Distinction (gold), Emily de Molly Seeing Red (red),
Dance Legend Just Another Star (purple), Joss In a Violet Haze (White Iridescent),
Joss Mermaid's Dream (blue), 
Colors by Llarowe This Girl is on Fire...Help! (purple) 
This was a replacement for the mislabeled on I received.
and Jade Irresistivel (Champagne)

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