Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Color Club Miss Bliss

Color Club Miss Bliss 2 coats, top coat.
This polish is SOOOOO pretty!
The holographic payoff coupled with the vibrant pink color is just amazing.
However, even with top coat, I had major chipping
after 1 day. Very bummed about that. All of the 
Color Club Halo Hues are so pretty, but they all chip on my early on.
I think I need to layer it. 
They are worth the work in my opinion. 

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: It has been snowing here (These pics are from last week)
And you would think the world was over here.
People stuck in traffic over 5 hours to go 15 miles.
Luckily, I am headed to a cruise tomorrow.
I live and work within a 2 mile radius, so
none of that for me.

Above is indoors with artificial light.

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