Friday, November 8, 2013

Colors by Llarowe This Girl is on Fire...Help!

Colors by Llarowe This Girl is on Fire...Help!
This is actually Smooth Criminal (it was mislabeled)
1 coat, with top coat.

This is my first time showing Colors by Llarowe.
I preordered a handful of her holographic polishes
and was pleased by how quickly they arrived safe and sound.
This was the first I decided to wear.
This Girl is on Fire...Help! is a blurple 1 coat linear holographic polish.
I have seen other swatches, and theirs seem to lean more towards 
the purple side than the blue, like mine.
I am not sure if there were a few batches.
I do not see this on llarowe's page anymore.
So, I am not sure of it being available again.
The only complaint I have of this polish 
is that I did have chipping after 1 day even with
wrapped tips of top coat.
But, other than  that, everything was very pleasing.
The color reminds me of OPI/Ninja Polish Glamorous, but 
This Girl is on Fire...Help! is a bit lighter in color.

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  1. It's gorgeous! I didn't use a top coat over In The Navy but I also had chipping after one day :(

  2. In the Navy was def a beauty too! The chipping is a bummer, but I still treasure these holos, its hard not to love a holo ;)