Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ninja Polish Flibbertigibbet

Ninja Polish Flibbertigibbet 
This is ONE coat!
And these pictures were taken 4 days after application!
The color shifts from green to golds and browns on your nails
 and if the angle is just right a few other colors might pop in there. 
The linear holographic adds a whole other
 layer of prismatic explosion to your nails as well!
Unfortunately, Ninja Polish has retired from making and selling polish.
So, unless you happen to find someone selling 
this, you may have to find a similar
look from the many other indie makers.
I won't be one of those people selling theirs though, lol.
Thanks for stopping by!

The above picture shows the color shift in the shade.

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  1. Oh, you managed to get one of these? Lucky you! It is lovely!