Friday, March 13, 2015

Maybelline Pacific Blues and Clearly Spotted

Hey! Long time no see.
Sorry about that.
My life has completely changed.
But, first let us talk about the polish.
I found these two polishes at the dollar tree.
I have been wanting a blue-jean blue and
a matte black & white glitter topper without line/hair glitters.
So, I bought them...even though I am on a
strict no buy.
Maybelline Pacific Blues is a creme polish that went on
well in 2 coats and dried semi matte.
I added one coat of Maybelline Clearly Spotted
for the above result.
I like it :)

I am having a major destash due to my life changes and
encourage you to look and buy if you
are in the market.

I also started a new diet today and hope to check in with the results
at least once a week.
I have a hard time with binge eating.
This program is very constructed to keep me 
on track and not hungry.

Today I baked a cake for my son's birthday
and I resisted tasting it. 
(cake is my weakness, too)

We took the kids to see Cinderella...LOVE IT!
So magical!

Thanks for stopping by!

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