Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dance Legend Inhale

Dance Legend Inhale-3 thin coats
No top coat
Super sparkly for St. Paddy's day!
It was a pretty day here in Atlanta so
 I had to wear green and holo.
This was my choice.
Cute, I think.

So, I did two days of cleansing with this new diet I am doing.
It was hard, but I can see and feel a difference.
The energy and motivation I have is unreal.
I am getting errands and house chores
(Spring cleaning) done that I have been putting off for over a year.
I feel healthier.
I am glad the cleanse is over though.
The shakes are yummy and I can mix them with fruit.
I look forward to that and working out tomorrow.
I couldn't work out really on the cleanse days
because of the lack of calorie intake.
Which was good for me because of all the house chores 
that need to be done.
 I used my usual 2 hours of workout for cleaning.
I will post my progress pictures once there is noticeable progress.

Thanks for stopping by!