Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make up Looks and Weight Loss Update

My face is Bella Terra mineral make up.
I really like how it blends with my skin and feels light.
My eyes are Urban Decay are Twice Baked and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again.
My blush is Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink.
My lips are Kiko Rosetto Vinyl.
This is a fresh simple look that I enjoy wearing.

As I was a the kiosk for Bella Terra I bought some mineral gold shimmer
eye shadow and gold eye glitter.
I played around with it to make this eye look.
I started with NYX Jumbo eye pencil in white.
Then put the gold shimmer eye shadow and then dabbed
 on the LA splash proof sealer.
While that was still tacky I dabbed on the glitter with a brush.
After that I added liquid eye liner and false lashes.
I was going for a more dramatic look. But, it still turned out pretty.
The LA Splash proof sealer works great at holding the glitter on.
I highly recommend it.
Sorry about the pictures, it was late and the only light was my computer monitor, hehe.

I am still doing great, if not my best with my 
being healthy and working out.
I go to the gym everyday or every other day and I push it hard for an hour.
I mainly do the stair climber and leg work outs that target my
glutes, hamstrings and quads (the leg and booty area)
Results are showing!
I have kept 15 pounds off for more than 2 months.
Now, I am just toning up and making the slim look strong and healthy.
What I eat is the main thing that is working.
I keep my portions small, meaning I only eat until I am
no longer hungry.
Because I have been doing this, I get full much easier and
therefore continue to keep my portions small.
I try to eat foods that are full of nutrients.
I do have 1 cookie or a bite of cupcake every so often.
But, I keep it in check and just a tiny bit.
I don't want to throw away all my hard work in 2 minutes of
consuming a food, ya know?
Also, I am drinking a lot of water all day and night.

My weakness is at night with my stomach is grumbling for a snack.
I don't deny myself, but I chose something low calorie
like the healthy pop corn or celery sticks.
I also wear tight fitting pants to keep me aware 
as to why I am being good.
The tight pants are REALLY helping.

Below is me on Saturday for a neon party.

And here is a close up of my make up
The filter I used on the picture made me look all orange, oops!

I found a $1.99 eye shadow palette at a beauty supply that had
all the neon colors I needed.
So, I used  them and added some false eye lashes and glitter to 
complete my neon look.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Orly Androgynie

Hey peoples!
 Sorry I have been absent.
I have been focusing my time on fitness and getting
ready for Tomorrow World.
I hope to continue my nails and make up next week sometime.
Lets talk about this polish.
I have worn it once before.
That time I did not care for it.
This time I layered it over black and liked it a little more.
 There are little bits of gold glitter in the black jelly based polish
that give the appearance of a dark grey color
instead of black.
The only thing that I love about this polish is the large iridescent
glitters that are dashed in.

Below is a picture I took with my camera
with indirect sunlight.
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Monday, September 16, 2013

31DC2013 -Day 10 -Gradient Nails- Nabi Gold with Color Club Gingerbread

Day 10- Gradient Nails
Nabi Gold and Color Club Gingerbread.
Nabi Gold is shown with 2 coats. 
It dried quickly and wore well.
It is a very yellow gold color with a scattered holographic effect.

I added some glitter, a little too much, to the manicure.
Color Club Gingerbread is a glitter bomb from their
Holiday 2011 Beyond the Mistletoe collection.
That collection is so awesome.
I love everyone of them because of the glitter
combinations that put together and the small glitters.

If you are lucky, you can find the set at Marshalls or a similar store
for $8 or so, otherwise they are about $4 each.

After the glitter was added, I put 2 coats of fast dry top coat
to try and smooth out the glitter and make an even surface.

Anyways, back to Nabi Gold.
I purchased it, along with many other colors from eBay
for a very low price.
The Nabi holos are well worth the buy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Below is the whole hand with one of my favorite rings.

You can really see the scattered holographic effect in this close up.

31DC2013 -Day 9- Rainbow Nails

Day 9 - Rainbow Nails
This was a abstract idea that didn't turn out as well as a I hoped.
But, this is my contribution to Day 9 :)

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

31DC2013 -Day 8- Metallic- Revlon Captivate

Day 8- Metallic
Hey again!
2 coats of Revlon Captivate.
2 coats of Essie Shine of Times.
1 coat of Matte top coat.
This manicure reminds me of crunchy autumn leave piles.
I think I liked this manicure more before I added the matte coat.
It is still pretty though :)
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Friday, September 13, 2013

31DC2013 -Day 7- B&W - Ninja Nails!

Day 7- Black and White
I picked holographic nail polish again, hehe.
It is my weakness, sorry!
Color Club Beyond-Black, 2 coats.
Urban Outfitters Silver Holo, 2 coats.
I made these ninja decals for one of the owners at
as a gift last Christmas. I decided to get extra for me because
I thought they were so cute. Now I am finally wearing them, hehe.
Better late than never :)
I added about 3 coats of top coat over the course of a few hours.
The reason was because I knew I was going to wash my hair
 that evening and did NOT want to lose my ninjas in the process.
Luckily, it worked.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

31DC2013 -Day 6- Violet - Dance Legend Teleportation

Day 6- Violet
Ok, so this isn't exactly Violet, but it has a hint of it :)
 I really wanted to wear this beautiful holographic polish 
to the lake party I attended. So, I made it work.
This is 2 coats of Dance Legend Teleportation.
As with my other Dance Legend holos, the formula was perfection!
It goes on so smoothly and stays well.
I can honestly say this is my favorite holographic brand at the moment.
You can buy Dance Legend at the following stores...
For $13 each...worth every penny :)

31DC2013 -Day 5- Blue Nails

Day 5- Blue
Treasures by Tan Blue Hawaiian
Here is an untired indie polish I had laying around.
I have shown you the other 2 colors I bought from her.
Both are from the same holo collection she released this past summer.
The other two were sheer, but this one was REALLY sheer.
I honestly, don't like the formula at all.
5-6 coats is way too much for any polish.
This is my least favorite of the 3 that I purchased.
Layering it over another polish would probably be the only
way I will wear this again.
Check out her store and see the many other holos she has.
Purple Rain is worth a try :)

I did another look with the
Kat Von D Spellbinding Book of Shadows.
I used purples this time.
Babe, Arcadia, and Wonderland.
Lips are Kat Von D Lolita.
Blush is Wet n Wild Heather Silk.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

31DC2013 -Day 4- Green - Literary Lacquer Green Gables

Day 4- Green
Hey! This is a indie polish brand that I recently tried for the first time.
I saw a swatch of this green holographic polish and
knew I had to make it mine. This is 2 coats of Green Gables.
It went on very smooth and dried quickly.
I added 1 coat of top coat for good measure.
The holographic payoff is not in your face, however
I like a good scattered holo, especially when the color is unique
and the formula is so smooth.
This indie maker also has other holos as well as glitter polishes.
This particular polish is $10 for the full size and is available now

I got another great eyeshadow palette!
Kat Von D Spellbinding Book of Shadows
I paid $55 on
Free shipping and received in 2 days :)
This is my quick look I did when I was at home.
I used Fallen, Precious, Cry Later, and Countess.
My lips are also Kat Von D, Adora.
The shadows blend so well!
I highly recommend this palette.
Tons of color choices.
There are only 2 matte colors, but that doesn't bother me at all.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

31DC2013 -Day 3- Yellow- Sugar Skull

Hey again!
Day 3- Yellow Nails
I put a white base, although I did not need one.
This is Hard Candy Shot of Lemon, 2 Coats.
Shot of Lemon is a Glass Fleck lemon yellow color.
Great formula and fun color.
Then I put 1 dabbed on coat of Hit Polish Toucan 
on all the nails but the middle.
On the middle I put a circle the size of my decal of white polish.
The reason is because the decal does not show up well
without a white background.
When that was good and dry I added a decal I bought
from RLR Creations. Before I was able to take pictures,
the decal started to peel off (after I showered). 
This is partly because I did not put 2 coats of top coat.
So, I layered another decal on top. If you look closely you can tell.
This time I did put 2 coats of top coat over the decal.
Not my favorite manicure, but it'll do :)

I did another look with my beloved 
Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette.
This time I used the browns to create a neutral smokey eye look.
Mad Hatter, Midnight Tea Party, White Rabbit and Wonderland.

My lips are Maybelline Cool Coral.

My cheeks are Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink (my fav blush)

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Monday, September 9, 2013

31DC2013 Day 2: Orange Nails-Miami Dolphins

Sorry for my absence. 
I have been doing my nails each day of the challenge.
I just didn't have to chance to post about it.
I appreciate you coming back ;)

Here is Day 2, Orange nails.
I decided to do a manicure in honor of my sweet husband's favorite
team, the Miami Dolphins.
I started with Hits Speciallita Quemada, 3 thin coats.
Which is a Brazillian glass fleck orange polish that is similar to
Color Club Sparkle and Soar that was released
in the Take Wing 2012 collection.

After that was dry, I added 1 dabbed on coat of Hit Polish Dolphins
on the shown fingernails.
I then put 2 white ovals on the two remaining nails.
After that was good and dry (2 hours later)
I added the 2 special order decals I received from RLR Creations.
A couple of coats of fast dry top coat and I was done.

I recently acquired my BIGGEST make up lemming
Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette
that was released January 2010.
This is my first look that I did within hours of receiving it.
I blended 3 colors...
Curiouser, White Rabbit, and Queen

My lips are a tinted Burt's Bee lip balm.
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

31DC2013 Day 01: Pahlish Pianos Filled with Flames

Red? Sparkles? Fabulous?
Yes, that is what this polish is.
Pahlish Pianos Filled with Flames.
3 coats.
1 coat of HK Top coat.
To view and purchase this item go here
She also has tons of other nice polishes worth a look.