Friday, August 31, 2012

Weight/Fat Loss Journey-DAY 5 / Hair / Make Up

 Hey again, today's make up was more neutral. I used Estee Lauder lip gloss from a palette. My skin is Chanel foundation and powder. My eyes are Milani shadow stick in a brown color and Urban Decay browns from 15th anniversary palette. Urban Decay-Big Fatty Mascara.

Today has been the opposite of yesterday.
 It was not going my way, lol. Paypal was giving me a major headache.
It probably doesn't help that my husband isn't at work with me today.
He usually makes my day go a lot easier when he is here. We work together.
My mom works with us, too. lol. Its def a family business.
Anyway, to the weight stuff.

I weighed in the morning. I was a tiny bit dissappointed.
But, something is better than nothing.

DAY 5-57 days until the Halloween party
I am -4.6 pounds less than Monday.

Meal 1
Wheat English muffin with peanut butter

Meal 2
Baked chicken and black beans, again.

Meal 3
1 Chicken breast and 1 mango

No workout. I will be doing a long workout tomorrow. 
So, this will be by day off.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

PCOS Awarness Manicure

A girl in our group asked if any of us would like to do a PCOS Awareness manicure to raise awareness.
The colors are teal and white.
I did a different style on each hand.
I used 2 coats Essie Blanc for white base.
1 coat Ruby Kisses Baby Blue (which is a teal glitter)
1 coat Milani Teal (large teal and green glitter) 
Then I used a paintbrush with Sinful Colors Rise & Shine to paint the ribbon.
1 coat Seche Vite top coat.

I received some tempory tattoos in the mail today
 that I wanted to try right away.
So, this is the result.
Then I put the temporary tattoos on using this tutorial.
I painted on the ribbon, letters and heart with Sinful Colors Rise and Shine.
1 layer of Seche Vite.

Weight/Fat Loss Journey-DAY 4 / LOTD

Hello! Today started off pretty good. I walked by the scale without a second thought about weighing myself. My kids were super sweet this morning. I got to work early. You know, the way good days go, lol.

My husband has been so sweet with the compliments about my hair and make up. This is what I wore today. My favorite lip wear by Maybelline. This lip stain color is Cool Coral (but its red, lol) And the usual Urban Decay eye shadows from the 15th annivesary palette.
I really like my hair and I am glad my love does, too.

The vitamins I take.
They are made from organic vegetables and fruits.
It says to take 2 each day.
The fruit one has a lot of
Vitamin C (167%) Vitamin B6 (250%) and Vitamin b12 (1667%)
amoung other goodies.
The veggie one has a lot of
Vitamin E (100%) Folic Acid (70%) and Selenium (286%) which is a powerful antioxidant mineral.

I said that I would post my before pictures. I forgot to take them on Monday. I remembered on Wednesday, so this is after losing a few pounds.
They are scary! I did not fix my hair and make up in the pic, which is OBVIOUS, lol. I wanted it to be as natural as possible. So, here it is...
I took this picture on the 28th, but I forgot to post it.

I know, I am not over weight. I never claimed to be.
But, I am out of shape. Especially for my standards.
My starting weight of 135 is the most
I have weighed in 6 years, after I gave birth to my son.
 And my "fat" jeans were getting really tight.
I refuse to buy bigger sized clothes when I can just shape up
 and wear the clothes I already own.
I do not want anything having control over me. And it was.
When I am out of shape like this, I am a lot less social. My group of friends care about their physical health (as well as many other things) and I felt like a failure to hang out with them when I was being such a lazy bum.
Am I being over critical? Sure, I am. But, if I cannot expect the best from my self, how can anyone else? I know I am capable of it, so what am I waiting for? Well, anyways...enough of the rambling.

Below are my meals for the day...

 DAY 4-59 days until the Halloween party
Eating healthy is pretty easy for me since I know what to eat and have all the items readily available. And when I have the mind set that food is fuel. If I am not using a lot of fuel, I don't need a lot of food. I don't list my drinks, because its always water.

Meal 1
3/4 cup of cottage cheese and fresh mangoes

Meal 2
Left overs from dinner last night.
Baked chicken breast and black beans.

Meal 3 
Tilapia with spicy seasoning and broccoli 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weight/Fat Loss Journey-DAY 3 / RED HAIR / Make up

Hello! I just got my hair dyed red.
This is the first time I have had my whole head red or any color besides my natural black.
 I went to BeSpoke salon off of Roswell Rd. in Atlanta. 
Amanda did a great job.
I'm digging it.

This is my make up today.
Maybelline Lip stain in Fuchsia and Urban Decay eye shadows.

Weight Loss stuff
I have been doing well with the eating healthy. I have refrained from munching on any unnecessary foods and drank a lot of water. I have also kept myself getting on the killed me to walk by it this morning and not jump on, lol. I will wait until Friday I think...
Meal 1
Special K cereal and almond milk (same as before)
Meal 2
I was soooo freakin hungry after sitting at the salon
 for 5.5 hours to get my hair done. 
So, I stopped by this cool healthy food place in the Roswell area...I can't remember the name of the place. Anyway, I ordered a spicy Thai chicken wrap. I literally inhaled it and totally forgot to take a pic, lol.
Meal 3
Baked chicken breast and black beans

I am so pooped today! But, I promised to do a workout everyday. 
So, I did a total of 50 push ups and 100 sit ups and called it a night.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weight/Fat Loss Journey-DAY 2


DAY 2-61 days until the Halloween party
Hello! I am still super motivated. I cheated and weighed in this morning. I was going to wait until a week. But, I knew that I was so good yesterday that I had to have lost some weight. And I was right! I lost 3.6 pounds.
That is A LOT. I have never lost that much so fast. Remember, I did it the healthy way. I ate 3 meals yesterday and drank water all day. But, over the weekend before the healthy eating started, I STUFFED myself. I ate every single thing that I wanted. That included a lot of rice, meat, potato salad, cake, cheescake, candy and much more! Like I literally wanted to gorge myself so when I started Monday (yesterday)
 I would have eaten all I wanted and not miss it.
Well, so far so good.
I weigh every morning after I use the restroom.
This is supposed to be your true weight.
Today's weigh in
I still have a ways to go. But, I have the time to do it. Its not all about the weight, its also about how toned my body looks, too. I have been meaning to take pics of my body. I keep forgeting, sorry! I will try to do it today.
Here is today's meals.
Meal 1
1 bowl of Special K oats & honey with unsweetened almond milk
Meal 2
Same as yesterday
2 boiled eggs and 
1 cup of coffee 
(Sweetened with Truvia , and half and half fat free)

Meal 3
Chicken breast and green beans

Had to workout at home today, again.
I did all 6 workouts and 5 pull ups on a pull up bar.

Thanks for reading!

OPI-The One That Got Away / Red Hair / Make Up

Today's mani is not my favorite. But, it'll do for the day, lol. Its gloomy outside here in Atlanta, so I didn't wear holo polish (I really wanted to wear a Jade today). Its supposed to be rainy all week....Oh well. This is OPI The One That Got Away (2 coats) topped with (1 coat ) OPI I Lily Love You and (1 coat) OPI Teenage Dream.

This does remind me of something I haven't told anyone besides my husband. I plan on dying my hair this color. My hair is really long and I don't want to cut it. I actually want to grow it longer. However, I do want something different. That leaves the color. My husband really liked it when I had red highlights. I figured that would be the color I would go for since fall is approaching. Here are a few pics of the color I hope to get.
My hair is about as long as the lengths in the pic. I love Demi Lovato's hair. We both have similar skintone, face shape and length of hair. I thought the red looked great on her, so I hope it translates the same on me. I plan to go tomorrow to get my hair dyed. I will post pics :)
This is a pic of me from about 3 weeks ago.

Here is today's make up
I do not have any foundation or powder on. 
I usually just wear eye make up, blush, and lipgloss on a daily basis.
I am sure you know about how utterly
 awesome Urban Decay eye shadows are to wear.
But, did you know how cool the Milani eye shadow sticks are? I bought them at CVS for about $6.49 each. I really recommend these! 
The gloss is so so. I would not push anyone to buy it.
But, it gets the job done.
My blush is NYX. I can't remember the color. It was about a dollar. I have been looking for a good blush. This one is doing the job until that search is over, lol.

Monday, August 27, 2012

China Glaze- Atlantis

China Glaze- Atlantis
I was organizing one of my cabinets of nail polishes and
dropped this beauty and it splattered all over the floor. I was able to save some in a mini bottle I had on hand.
There was still some left over.
 So, I thought 'I guess this is the color of the day', lol.
The picture is of my spare I had.
This is a green jelly based polish with small holographic glitters.
It reminds me of Color Club Holiday Splendor, but a tad bit more bluish.
I put 2 coats of glue, then 5 coats of Atlantis...yes 5!
But, they were thin coats.
Below is a pic I took with my camera phone.
Thanks for reading!

OPI-Simmer & Shimmer

OPI - Simmer & Shimmer

I bought this in a blog sale sort of thing off of Facebook.
 I am glad I did! I love it.
I also snagged OPI Absolutely Alice...I will try that later, promise :)
This is shown with 2 coats over 2 coats of glue and
topped with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

I added a nail sticker just to try it out.
This pic was taken with my camera phone in the sunlight.
Thanks for reading!

Weight/Fat Loss Journey-DAY 1

DAY 1-62 days until the Halloween party
Hello, today I will be putting my in statistics to compare to my goal date. This way we can see how far I have come by numbers as well as the before and after pictures. My goal date is the end of October. My favorite holiday is definitely Halloween. I, of course, get dressed up each year. This year it is a cowgirl costume. I actually bought it last year and decided against it and went with another costume instead. 
Here is the pictures of my Halloween costume for 2012....

So, as you can see, it will show my tummy, thighs and butt. Which are my problem areas. Overtime I have went from a size 2 to a size 6. I have went from 109 lbs to 135.2 lbs. All because I over eat, eat the wrongs things and don't work out. Sadly, I know exactly what to eat, how much to eat and what workouts to do. I have just been indulging in gluttony and sloth instead of being my usual go getter self. The reason for this? I think I use the fact that last January I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease (click link to read about it) and I also had 2 herniated discs. I was told to take it easy and lay off the weights. Weights is my favorite part of exercise. So, that left me with boring cardio, lol. And thus, I stopped altogether. I have tried numerous times to get back into the swing of things, but usually stopping for some reason or other after a few times. 
But, since Halloween is so important to me, I knew I had to stop being lazy and just do it.
Below is today's weight pic...

Here are my stats....
Height-5'1.5 feet or 61 inches
Dress size-5/6
Jean size-7/8
Weight- 135.2 lbs
Neck-13.4 inches
Shoulders-41.4 inches
Chest- without arms-37 inches.
Upper waist-28.25 inches
Waist including Belly button-33.5 inches
Hips, not including butt-36.5 inches
Butt at tailbone- 38 inches
Butt, lowest part, legs together- 40 inches
Left upper thigh- 22.65 inches
Left quad- 18.6 inches
Right upper thigh- 23.65 inches
Right Quad- 18.75 inches
Left calf-12.75 inches
Right calf-12.85 inches
Here are my goals...
Dress size-2/3
Jean size-2/3
Weight-110-115 lbs
I would like to not have visible cellulite on my thighs and butt.
I would like to be able to wear tummy showing shirts again.

How to I plan to achieve my Goals?
Eating 3 small clean meals a day.
Eating 2 snacks a day.
Working out a minimum of 30 minutes everyday.
Drinking about 1 gallon of water everyday.
No sweets, no fried food, no pastas.
Only 1 wheat bread product daily.
Taking my vitamins daily.
I will post my food and work outs on here daily.

Today's listening to get me motivated about life in general
Meal 1
Wheat English Muffin with peanut butter and a handful of blueberries
with 1 glass of water.
Meal 2
2 boiled eggs and a handful of organic almonds
Meal 3
1 tilipia filet and 3/4 creamed spinach
I didn't have time to go to the gym. So, I worked out at home.
Below is the workout that I did.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Using Elmer's Glue to remove glitter nail polish

I LOVE glitter nail polish. But, I HATE removing it. 
I used to use the foil method (wrapping each finger and a acetone soaked cotton ball for ten minutes), then I saw the nail soakers and used those for ten minutes in place of the foil. 
But, I saw somewhere to try regular school glue to remove the glitter. 
So, what the hey, why not? I have 2 kids in elementary school.
 And because of that, glue was laying in my junk drawer.
 I used my usual base coat of Orly nail defense. Then I put some in an empty nail polish bottle and painted two coats on each nail. After it dried clear, I put on the usual glitter nail polish regimen. And below is how it looked. As you can see the nail polish came off in sheets. But, only because I picked it off. Not because it came loose. I really recommend this removal process.
Its cheap (2 for $1 at Wal-mart), easy (just put it on and let it dry), and easily accessible to buy (buy it anywhere that has school supplies).
I used one of the glitter bombs Nail-Venturous's Floam!
Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Orly-Haley's Comet

Orly- Haley's Comet
The most beauitful polish ever! Well, in my eyes :)
This is 2 coats with 1 coat of top coat.
It goes on like a dream and would probably be OK with 1 coat.
This is a dupe of Zoya's Charla. There have been many more dupes made. But, Orly's is my favorite. Orly comes in a larger size bottle (18 ml vs. 15ml)
If you do not have any of these, I suggest you get one. It is my go to color when I do not know what to wear.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 of Blue/ Sonoma My Three Glitters

I love this mani!
This is Hedy's of Blue topped 
Bolts of Blue is an awesome drugstore polish that dries matte.
I love mattes for layering because they dry so fast. 
This color is so pretty, too. I bought it for $2.99 at Rite Aide.
My Three Glitters is another great black and white mix glitter that can be found on etsy.
Thanks for reading!

DDP-Angry Beaver over OPI-Russian Navy

Today's mani is from an indie maker off of Etsy.
 Darling Diva Polish-Angry Beaver is a "multicolored holo and crystal glitters in bright purple base. It is full of purple, blue, red, pink, holographic, and green glitters" as the maker describes it.
 The base on this is very thick and I do not see
how getting layers of it would make it look good.
 So, I put 1 layer of OPI- Russian Navy and then
put 1 thick coat of Angry Beaver on top.
I had to push the glitters around to suit my taste. 
 I think this polish is currently out of stock.
 But, there are many more new ones available in her store now.
Thanks for Reading!

Color Tatto-Mossy Green and Urban Decay-URB

Today I wore the new Color Tattoo by Maybelline called "Mossy Green".
I am new to the Color Tattoos and bought them in 4 colors, including this one. Personally, I could not see wearing it alone.
So, I had to couple it with my favorite eyeshadow brand, Urban Decay.
I added URB, which is a shimmery green from the "We don't do animal testing...How could anyone?" palette.
And for highlight I used Urban Decay-Vanilla from the 15th Anniversary palette.
I like the result.
 I used drugstore brands for the rest of my face.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HUGE Swaps from Brazil!

This amazing swap was with Melina from Brazil.
It was done in April. Thanks to Stephanie for introducing us. I think I need to send her a thank you for hooking me up with such a wonderful friend :)
This is my second swap that I received in July from Melina.
Do you notice that we do it big? LOL

Urban Decay Shadows and Foundation

We have make up challenges in this wonderful group I am a part of on FB.
This challenge was to use my favorite brand "Urban Decay."

Urban Decay makeup face.
I used Naked Skin on the skin, Graffiti and Kush (Greens),
 Deep End (Crease), Vanilla (Highlight) for the shadow, Eyeliner 24/7 black, Big Fatty Masacara on my fake lashes.


Sheer bright pink base with an unpredictable
 mix of pink, fuchsia, and red glitter.
Pretty polish, not for me though. I don't think it compliments my skintone.
This is 2 coats with 1 coat top coat.

Pahlish-My Oblivion

This is sooooo pretty in the bottle.
My Oblivion is a dark blue jelly base with various sizes and shapes of holographic gold glitter.
But, the gold glitter looks green when put on the nail.
Which makes since since blue plus yellow equals green, lol.
Thanks for reading!


LOVE this polish. The color is sooo berry pretty :P lol
Shown with 3 thin coats and 1 coat top coat.

Glitter Gal-Marine Blue 3D Holographic

Another holo by Glitter gal. I love the color,
 not impressed by the holo-ness.
2 coats with 1 coat of top coat.